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soundofyourlife's Journal

Sound Of Your Life: A Personal Playlist Project
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So what the heck is this?

Well, I love making fanmixes. For characters, books, pairings, whatever. And I thought it would be fun if people made them…for themselves. The songs that describe you, that show parts of your life, or personality, or both. The songs that have meaning for you. Just post the songs, or also include why those songs are there, what meaning they have for you. I’m making one for myself. I thought it would be neat if other people made their own, and then commented here with links to them. There are comms for this sort of thing already, and I encourage you to post your finished mix in any other comm as well as here. But I wanted to issue the challenge to YOU to make your own! To have you issue it to other people on your FList!

When you're finished making the mix, post it here. I hope other people do the same! Get cracking!

And please, please, please, PIMP THIS. Have a handy button to do so with!